Sunday, December 31, 2006

Outing on the 30th December

On the 28th night, few of us (Darius, QS, Gary & Matthew) want to meet out to have some fun. Darius wanted to eat something nice, and fondue. Then I was thinking my previous buffet dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court, it costs $26+++ and there is fondue as well. Hence on that night, i made a call to enquire. Bloody shit~ they had raised the price to $58+++ due to the holidays. I continued to call few more hotels and checked the price, however, it turned out to be even higher.

On the 29th afternoon, I quickily went to Cityhall area to check out any good stuffs to eat. In the end, still did not manage to find anything attractive. BTH~ went to KBOX with my friend to sing few hrs of songs first..haha. In the end, I saw this Yum Cha Resturant on UWEEK recommendation for steamboat dinner.

I go ahead with the booking, since non of them raise objections. Huh, these dudes, when they reached the place, they told me they went there before and it was not fantastic...lolx.

I personally feel that the pricing and the food does not balance. It is nearly $30 per person and it is not filling enough. However, the crabs and prawns were fresh and delicious, and the service is excellent.

Once we finished our dinner, we went to Settlers cafe @ Clarke Quay for games. When we reached there, we found out that it was full, hence I made a call to Katong Settlers. It was available hence we head towards kambangang and Darius would like to drive us there. (Demo his driving skills...lolx)

Suprisingly, his brother had drive the car out...haha...where he claimed as "unusual"..haha. Anyway, we took a cab from the station to the cafe. Due to the location, the cafe was only 70% occupied. Initially, we were totally lose as in what to do once we sat. Finally, we ordered the drinks and get the staff to intro us a game to play.

The game was fun, it is called "Vegas Showdown".

Generally, you need to build up your hotels and casino in order to increase your income, human flow and popularity. After nearly 2 hrs of match, Darius was the winner, follow by Matt, Qinsheng, me and Gary. Must mentioned Gary was lagging very behind..haha. Serve him right, if he had not listen Matthew and tackle me, I might have won the game...haha. Just joking. Very fun and cheap, we spent $10 only.

When we lefted the cafe, it was 12am++, everyone was tired and our wallet was dried. haha...home sweet home.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Power of Rain

Saw this on PSP website.... they even have a game on rain. God!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh-oku Movie Trailer

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ultraman 40th anniversary movie

Ultraman fans, can you regonise some of the old faces in the trailer?

Since 1966, ultraman has been one of the favourite kids show. And through many many years,
ultraman target audiences are no longer just kids, but also teens and adults. We can see the evolution of ultraman from Ultraman TIGA (1996), where the story line is no longer just focus on kids, also focus on the relationships.

This year, Ultraman is celebrating his 40th anniversary. Till now, almost 40 characters have been created, how many can you recall? Here are some of the famous one;
1966-1980: Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, Zoffy, Taro, Leo, Astra, Ultraman King, Father and Mother of Ultra, 80, Yulan.
1996 onwards: Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Agul, Cosmos, Justice, Legend, Nexus, Max, Mebius...(cannot think further)

Anyway, they have air the movie titled "Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers". From this title, you know there will be Ultra Brothers. But other than that, they are getting back those actors who acted as Ultra Brothers Human Form. You can really count their ages. If the human cast for Ultraman was 25 when filmed 1966, by now he could already be 65 years old.

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1 Litre of Tears (J Drama Recommended!)

Narrated from a true story. Though the story line is heartbreaking, but it is definitely a nice drama to watch.

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hairy crab from China

Yesterday, I gotten 5 hairy crabs which were brought from China.
I was thinking how to cook them, actually, nothing is required at all,
you can simply steam them and eat. Delicious!

Kindly of cruel, steam them alive!
Some of the string already losen,

20 mins later


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Holiday

This holiday is rather crazy, so many stuff to complete.

I was glad to be back to my library job. Though it might be boring and nothing new, I enjoyed working 2-3 days a week. I am not looking for money, just to get some of my time used up.

In the past few weeks, I was busy to finish up the UCAS form for university entry next year. I had burn many nights to read up almost 50 universities, their courses, fees, livng environment, remarks and bla bla. I also need to write a personal statement, I have never put in that much of effort to write a personal statement, and with some help from my friends, I managed to come ut with something good and presentable.

On 15 September night, I finally managed to complete everything and submit the application. Hopefully among 6 universities, I at least have 3 replying me. Otherwise have to waste another 15 pounds for another round of registeration.

While doing university stuff, I also never forget about FYP. Every night looking at all the functions, diagrams, process, and planning, I feel really tired and sick. And now since we are waiting for reply, it is best to take a break. Sometime it is good to take a small break to prepare for the long battle...

Of coz, never forget of enjoying life during this holidays. Whenever free, I just watch all the movies and drama my dad sent me. I completed 2 TVB drama in 2 weeks, one season of mallville in 4 days (now addicted, watching another season). Other than watching TV, most of the time will be eating out, going Kbox, watching movie with friends.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Unreasonable customer

Someday last week, there was this patron visted the library@orchard and ask why she got a 45cents fine. My colleague (poor her) explained to her the item suppose to return on 10, but she returned on 13, hence there were a 3 days fines incurred.

She keep saying how can charge her 3 days, should charge her 2 days because there is no 3 full days of fine. She somemore buaysong us and make a fuss there, claiming that she want to get this thing settle and would like to see the manager.

Since that day, she came to our library once and keep calling up to settle the matter.
One more funny thing is, she lived in MP, borrow from MP, why she want to come all the way down to settle with us, while she should approach to MP library.

If you asked for my opinion, I would just think this case is rather stupid, and that person is looking for trouble. This is such an easy calcuation. 13-10=3, each day 15cents, so total is 45 cents. Okay lar, no one is happy to pay money for this kind of stuff, if me, at most just nag 2 lines then pay up the money. 45 cents I have to run up and down, waste transportation money. Don't know what this people think.

Then 2 days ago, there is this pragnant lady found sleeping on the round bench. Oh mine, that wood bench so uncomfortable, how can she sleep there while so many reader walking around looking at her. I nicely told her that she cannot sleep in the library and point the poster on library entiqutte. She did not say anything and walk away. Then 10 min later, I saw her again sleeping on the same bench. This people really...don't know what to say. Pregnant 5-6 months, not feeling good or tired should go home and rest. At least that wooden bench is not a good place to sleep.

Talking about sleeping, one even better, holding a book, listening to MP3, i thought he was reading, then later i heard a loud snoring from a distance...lolx.

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Happy new year 2007...
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